Xiaomi Mijia Portable Hair-Dryer

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Xiaomi Mijia Portable Hair-Dryer


* Tens of millions of high-concentration negative ions, Gentle hair care and improve frizzy hair.
* The handle can be folded, small and portable.
* Innovative balanced heating element design, 1600W high power.
* Two modes. Wind temperature and wind speed can be adjusted.
* Aerodynamic noise reduction design, Less noise, more comfort.
* Double overheating protection for more peace of mind.
* Minimalist aesthetic design, gentle and understated.


Xiaomi Mijia 1600W Travel Hair Dryer

  • Powerful hair dryer with a 18000rpm motor inside to dry your hair faster.
  • Works with ionic technology to reduce fizz and let you hair smooth and shiny.
  • 2 heat/speed settings and 1 concentrator nozzle for drying and styling flexibility and control.
  • Folding handle to make it compact and small enough to save your luggage space.

Specification of Xiaomi Mijia Portable Hair-Dryer:

  • Model CMJO2L XW
  • Dimensions 170x75x231mm (including air nozzle)
  • Voltage / rated frequency 220V ~ 50Hz
  • Hair care function Negative ion hair care
  • Wind temperature gear hot air, cold wind
  • Wind speed strong windshield, soft windshield
  • Powerful cord length 1.7m (exposed)
  • Rated 1 600W
  • Net weight 454g (including air nozzle)



MIJIA Anion Portable Hair Dryer

Tens of millions of negative ions. Makes hair more fluffy.
Anion hair care, folded, easy to store
Quick-drying with high air volume. Small size and lightweight

18000rpm, high-speed motor.

Strong wind. Dry hair quickly.
The high-performance high-speed motor provides strong power and blows out the strong wind of 12m per second.
Professionally adjusted 6-wing fan blades make the wind more delicate. The wind is strong but not dry. While drying hair quickly, it gives you a better experience.
12m per second, fast drying with large air volume.
6-wing dynamic balancing fan blade


Tens of millions of high-concentration negative ions

Gentle hair care and improve frizzy hair.
The built-in negative ion generator instantly generates tens of millions of negative ions, which are released to the surface of the hair, neutralizing static electricity, and smoothing frizz. Effectively reduces split ends. Leaves hair supple and shiny.
Reduces split ends. Driveaway frizz. Improve static electricity. Enhances gloss.

The handle can be folded, small and portable.

Compact design is a breeze. don’t feel tired even if blow my hair for a long time. The handle can be folded for convenient storage and can be carried on business trips. Tookfun.
Small and light. Foldable handle.



Innovative balanced heating element design

1600W high power
The heating wire cone-shaped tower design and can efficiently generate heat, conduct temperature uniformly, and cooperate with the air outlet protection net to blow out even hot air. Quickly blow dry hair while reducing overheating damage, and the right temperature comprehensively cares for the hair.

Two modes.Wind temperature and wind speed can be adjusted.

Two wind temperatures and two wind speeds. Hot air dries hair quickly. Easily cope with hurrying moments. Long press is cold wind for quick styling.
Hot air. Cold wind. Soft wind pattern. Strong wind mode.
Long press cold air. Strong wind mode. Soft wind pattern.


Aerodynamic noise reduction design

Less noise, more comfort.
The 6-wing fan blades imitate the flow design of an aircraft propeller. Each fan blade has undergone professional rectifying wings and dynamic balance debugging to make the wind softer, effectively reduce noise, and experience more comfort.


Double set wind mouth

The air nozzle can be rotated 360 ° to help shape. At the same time, the double-layer thermal insulation design can reduce the temperature of the tuyere and reduce the risk of burns.



Minimalist aesthetic design, gentle and understated.

The surface is designed with a warm feel, which is gentle and delicate. tookfun.
Pure geometric interspersed appearance, simple contour lines. The elegant proportions of the body, whether folded or unfolded, show a geometric aesthetic.


Double overheating protection for more peace of mind.

Selected high-sensitivity temperature components and temperature fuses, with built-in double overheat protection, when the temperature exceeds the safe range, automatically start power-off protection. In addition, the temperature underwriter can perform irreversible protection in an extreme situation, and it is safe and secure.


Intimate details

Intimate hanging hook for easy hanging storage.
Design to prevent pinching, safety will not pinch your hands.
1.7m power cord, thick and high temperature resistant.

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