Bluedio Hi Hurricane TWS

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Bluedio Hi Hurricane TWS


Specifications of Bluedio Hi Hurricane TWS:

  • Brand:Bluedio
  • Model: Hi Hurricane
  • Style:In-Ear
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0
  • Frequency range: 2.4GHz—-2.48GHz
  • Support protocols: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP
  • Frequency response range: 2OHzZ—-20KHz
  • Standby time: about 1000 hours
  • Music/call time: about 5-6 hours
  • Charging time: about 1 hour for headphones
    and 2 hours for charging boxes
  • Input voltage/current: 5V/>100mA
  • Output power: 7MW+7mMW







No restriction in wireless headset “happiness” and “pleasing” enjoyment

True wireless enjoy the sound with wireless headset
Hurricane Hi breaks the bondage of traditional integrated wires. Separate left and right earphones, turn single design into double design, one key used to connect with the BT of the device makes it possible to experience music synchro-nously in both ears, HD calling enjoyment. It is born small and convenient, but it’s called Hurricane Hi because of the shocking power. It is conquering your ears.

True wireless enjoy the sound with wireless headset

Face recognition: remove the headset, music stops

(Mater-slave switching; Right ear piece has face recognition feature)

The built-in touch sensor chip intelligently senses the wearing status. Remove the headset, music stops automatically immediately. The melody sounded again when the headset is put on.

Control by phone or button first .Plz click to play by phone or the button of earbuds in case fail to enjoy this features.

Face recognition: remove the headset, music stops

Black technology new forces

The optimized combination of two newly designed loudspeakers with φ13 mm and high quality units of moving coil,together with a smooth circuit carries a high quality medium for a full and wide sound scale and a more balanced and powerful medium and high frequency. The voice is pure and more pleasant.Black technology new forces


HiFi sound quality clear and durable
Hurricane Hi supports advanced audio coding technology, effectively separating voices from musical instruments,providing the diversity of music types and letting you experience the music you like.

HiFi sound quality clear and durable



High definition and stabilized calling quality

Hurricane Hi with two sensitive ears,that’s two high-definition call receivers,users can clearly heard the caring voice.

High definition and stabilized calling quality



Multiple escorts High efficiency and durable

Three high-precision protective chips to ensure long-term service quality;three high-performance Pure Cobalt A-level batteries,a low-loss boost chip to ensure energy efficiency; high-strength shell; multiple escorts,high efficiency and durability.

Multiple escorts High efficiency and durable


Accompaniment is the longest confession

It is portable, easy to store, dirty-resistant with 600mAh large capacity charging case which brings long endurance,companion-ship, for listening at any time.

Accompaniment is the longest confession


Compatible with most equipment

It is compatible with IOS and Android systems.It can be connected to mobile phones,iPad,PCs and other mainstream devices.

Compatible with most equipment


Structural sketch

Music control:Click the multi-function button to control the pause/playback of music.Double-click the right earphone multi-function button to switch the previous track.Double-click the left earphone multi-function button to switch the next track.

Call control: click the multi-function button to answer/hang up the call; long press the multi-function button to reject the call.

Last number redialContinuously press the multi-function button four times to redial the previous call.

Voice assistant: press and hold the multi-function button for a second and release it when hearing “clanging”.

Structural sketch

Hi Tips

1.The mobile phone Bluetooth is off. power button on charging box(this button controls charging for both left and right).

3.Take one or both of earpieces out from the charging box.(PS: Each of them can be used separately.)

4.Turn on the phone Bluetooth and connect the headset.

5.If these two earpieces need to be paired with each other again, please quickly press the “ MF” button of them three times when they are “power on”.

6.If you would like to force to reboot the earphone, please press and hold for 10 seconds for both of them. case one earphone has no sound when you take them out, press and hold the button on no-sound earohone for 10 seconds to force reset.

Hi Tips

Product parameters

Bluetooth Version:5.0

Frequency range:2.4GHz-2.48GHz

Support protocols:A2DP、AVRCP、HSP、HFP

Frequency response range:20Hz-20KHz

Standby time:about 1000 hours

Music/call time:about 5-6 hours

Charging time:about 1 hour for headphones and 2 hours for charging boxes

Input voltage/current:5V/〉100mA

Output power:7mW 7mW

Product parameters

User Guide

Bluetooth Pairing:

1.Before using it for the first time, you need to remove the transparent insulating paper under the earphone, and then put the earphone back into the charging box for normal use.

User Guide

2.Open the case and cell phone Bluetooth,search“Hi”in your cell phone,click and connect it.You will hear“pairing successful”from both sides.

3.The left and right earphones are successfully connected:The indicator blue light of main earphone blinks.

The indicator blue light of secondary earphone is off.

in your

Please reset earbuds if you hear sound from one side only or you can not synchronize earbuds.

Please remove all pairing records on your devices first, then please do the following steps:

Turn earbuds off separately, (keep pressing the MF button until you hear “power off”.

Turn one earbud on again separately,(keep pressing MF button until you hear“Pairing mode”,)then Press the MF button 3 Times in Rapid Succession Continuously, you see that earbuds will be turned off and pairing records will be removed.

Do the same operation on the other earbud like step 2(you see earbuds are in shutdown state).



4.Put earbuds into the charging box, close the case for 10 seconds.

5.Open the case, earbuds will be turned on automatically.You put them together as closely possible as you can on table,(please don’t wear earbuds on your ears before earbuds connected with your device), earbuds will be connected themselves and enter into Pairing mode.

6.Turn on Bluetooth on your device, then search, you will see“Hi”name show up, then click it to pair with your device.



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